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Brenda Gantt: Bio, Age, Height, Career, Family and Net Worth

Brenda Gantt is a name synonymous with Southern cooking. Her warm personality and down-to-earth cooking style have garnered a substantial following on social media. In this blog, we will delve into the life of Brenda Gantt, covering her age, career, family, net worth, and height.


Brenda Gantt was born on April 28, 1947. As of 2024, she is 77 years old. Despite her age, Brenda’s energy and enthusiasm for cooking and sharing her recipes online remain undiminished. Her ability to connect with audiences of all ages has made her a beloved figure in the culinary world.


Brenda Gantt’s career didn’t start in the kitchen, at least not professionally. Before becoming an internet sensation, she was a school teacher. Teaching allowed her to nurture and educate young minds, a passion she carried over into her cooking demonstrations.

Transition to Culinary Fame

Brenda’s culinary journey began in earnest after she retired from teaching. It was during the COVID-19 pandemic that Brenda Gantt’s name became widely recognized. With more people staying at home, cooking became a popular pastime, and Brenda’s videos provided comfort and inspiration.

She started posting videos on Facebook, where she shared her family recipes, cooking tips, and life stories. Her first viral video was of her making biscuits, a staple in Southern cuisine. The video resonated with many viewers, not just for the recipe but for her warm and engaging personality.

Cooking Style and Philosophy

Brenda Gantt’s cooking style is rooted in Southern traditions. She focuses on simple, hearty meals that are both delicious and easy to make. Her recipes often include ingredients that are easily accessible, and she emphasizes the importance of cooking with love and care.

She believes that cooking is more than just preparing food; it’s about creating memories and bringing people together. This philosophy is evident in her videos, where she often shares stories from her life and the history behind the recipes she makes.


Brenda Gantt is deeply connected to her family, which plays a significant role in her life and career. She often talks about her late husband, George Gantt, who passed away in 2018. George was not only her life partner but also her biggest supporter.

Children and Grandchildren

Brenda has two children, a son, and a daughter. Her daughter, Dallas, and her son, who is also named George, have been supportive of her online presence. Brenda often shares stories about her grandchildren, who are a significant source of joy in her life.

Family is a recurring theme in Brenda’s videos, and she often includes them in her cooking demonstrations. This adds a personal touch to her content and helps viewers feel connected to her on a deeper level.

Net Worth

Brenda Gantt’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. This figure is derived from various sources, including her social media presence, book sales, and potential sponsorships.

Social Media and Online Presence

Brenda’s primary platform is Facebook, where she has millions of followers. She also has a significant presence on YouTube and Instagram. The ad revenue from these platforms contributes substantially to her net worth.

Book Sales

In addition to her online content, Brenda Gantt has published cookbooks that have been well-received by her audience. Her cookbooks feature many of the recipes she shares online, along with personal anecdotes and cooking tips.


Brenda Gantt stands at approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall. While her height is a minor detail, it adds to the relatable and down-to-earth persona she projects. Her approachable demeanor and friendly nature make her videos feel like you are learning to cook with a beloved family member.


Brenda Gantt’s journey from a retired school teacher to a beloved culinary icon is a testament to her passion, dedication, and ability to connect with people. At 77, she continues to inspire and entertain millions with her Southern cooking and heartwarming stories. Her career, family, and personal philosophy on cooking have made her a significant figure in the culinary world, and her legacy is sure to endure for years to come.

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