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Mary Carey Van Dyke Bio: Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, and Height

Mary Carey Van Dyke is known not only for her association with the entertainment industry but also for being part of a prominent family. She is the wife of Barry Van Dyke, a notable actor, and the daughter-in-law of legendary actor Dick Van Dyke. This blog provides an in-depth look into Mary Carey Van Dyke’s life, covering her age, career, family, net worth, height, and ethnicity.

Early Life and Background

Mary Carey Van Dyke was born in the United States. Details about her exact birth date and early life are relatively private, as she has chosen to maintain a low profile compared to her famous family members. Despite this, her life story is intertwined with a rich family history and a deep connection to the entertainment world.


Mary Carey Van Dyke’s exact age is not publicly documented. However, given that she and Barry Van Dyke have been married for several decades and have adult children, it is reasonable to estimate that she is likely in her late 60s or early 70s.


Mary Carey Van Dyke has primarily been known for her role as a supportive wife and mother rather than having a public-facing career. Unlike her husband and father-in-law, who have both had extensive careers in acting, Mary has chosen a path that keeps her out of the spotlight. Her career details are not widely known, suggesting she may have focused on family and personal endeavors.


Mary Carey Van Dyke’s family is a significant part of her identity. She married Barry Van Dyke in 1974, and the couple has four children: Carey, Shane, Wes, and Taryn.

Barry Van Dyke:

  • Barry is best known for his role as Lieutenant Detective Steve Sloan on the television series “Diagnosis: Murder,” where he starred alongside his father, Dick Van Dyke.
  • Barry’s career spans various roles in TV series and movies, making him a recognizable face in Hollywood.


  • Carey Van Dyke: Carey is an actor and writer, known for his work in “Diagnosis: Murder” and “Chernobyl Diaries.”
  • Shane Van Dyke: Shane is an actor, writer, and director, with notable work including “Titanic II” and “Chernobyl Diaries.”
  • Wes Van Dyke: Wes has also dabbled in acting but has pursued a career as a professional artist.
  • Taryn Van Dyke: Taryn has worked in the entertainment industry as well, often collaborating with her family on various projects.

Mary’s role as a mother has been pivotal in supporting her children’s careers and personal lives. Her strong family values have helped shape the Van Dyke family’s legacy in Hollywood.

Net Worth

Mary Carey Van Dyke’s net worth is not independently documented. However, as part of the Van Dyke family, she shares in the family’s wealth and success. Barry Van Dyke has an estimated net worth of around $3 million, accumulated through his acting career and various entertainment ventures. The Van Dyke family’s financial stability can also be attributed to the success of Dick Van Dyke, whose long and illustrious career has significantly contributed to their overall net worth.


Mary Carey Van Dyke’s height is not publicly available. Given the private nature of her personal details, information about her physical attributes is limited. However, photographs of her with her family suggest she has a graceful presence.


Mary Carey Van Dyke is of Caucasian ethnicity. Her background, like many aspects of her life, remains relatively private, but she is an integral part of a family with a rich cultural heritage in the American entertainment industry.

Life with the Van Dyke Family

Being part of the Van Dyke family means being surrounded by a legacy of entertainment and creativity. The Van Dykes are renowned for their contributions to film and television, with Dick Van Dyke being a legendary figure in Hollywood. Mary’s life with Barry has been marked by their strong partnership and dedication to family.

Mary and Barry have been together for decades, a testament to their enduring relationship. They have navigated the challenges of life in the public eye while maintaining a stable and loving family environment. Their marriage has been a cornerstone of the Van Dyke family, supporting their children’s endeavors and upholding the family’s values.

Community and Philanthropy

While Mary Carey Van Dyke keeps a low public profile, the Van Dyke family has been involved in various charitable activities and community efforts. Dick Van Dyke, in particular, is known for his philanthropy, and this spirit of giving back to the community extends to the entire family. Although specific details about Mary’s involvement are not widely publicized, it is likely that she participates in and supports these efforts.

A Life Away from the Spotlight

Mary Carey Van Dyke’s choice to live a life away from the spotlight is admirable in an era where celebrity culture often intrudes on personal privacy. Her focus on family and personal life over public attention highlights a different aspect of what it means to be connected to a famous family. Her story reminds us that not all significant contributions come from the limelight; some are made in the quiet strength and support given behind the scenes.

Legacy and Impact

Mary Carey Van Dyke’s legacy is intertwined with the accomplishments of her husband and children. By prioritizing her family and providing a solid foundation for her children, she has played a crucial role in the ongoing success of the Van Dyke family. Her impact, though not always visible to the public, is deeply felt within her family.


Mary Carey Van Dyke embodies the essence of family dedication and quiet strength. Her life, while not as public as those of her husband and father-in-law, is a testament to the importance of support and love in a family renowned for its contributions to entertainment. Her legacy is one of steadfastness, nurturing, and an enduring partnership with Barry Van Dyke. Together, they have upheld the values and traditions of the Van Dyke family, ensuring that their impact on Hollywood and beyond continues for generations to come.

This blog provides a comprehensive look at Mary Carey Van Dyke’s life, highlighting her role in the Van Dyke family, her personal choices, and her contributions to her family’s legacy. Despite living away from the spotlight, Mary’s influence is a significant part of the Van Dyke family’s story.

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