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What is Alex O’Loughlin Doing Now in 2024?

Alex O’Loughlin, known for his charismatic performances and action-packed roles, especially as Steve McGarrett in the popular TV series “Hawaii Five-0,” continues to captivate audiences even in 2024. Although he has stepped away from his iconic role, his life and career remain of great interest to fans. This blog explores what Alex O’Loughlin is doing now, detailing his current projects, personal life, and other ventures.

Early Life and Career Highlights

Before diving into his current activities, it’s essential to reflect on the career that brought Alex O’Loughlin into the limelight. Born on August 24, 1976, in Canberra, Australia, Alex’s journey to stardom began with roles in Australian television and film. He moved to Hollywood, where he gained recognition with roles in “The Shield,” “Moonlight,” and “Three Rivers.” However, his big break came with “Hawaii Five-0,” which ran from 2010 to 2020, making him a household name.

Post “Hawaii Five-0” Career

After “Hawaii Five-0” concluded, Alex took a well-deserved break to focus on his health and spend time with his family. The demanding schedule and physically intensive nature of the show took a toll on him, leading him to prioritize rest and recovery. This hiatus allowed him to recharge and explore new opportunities.

Current Projects in 2024

In 2024, Alex O’Loughlin has ventured into various exciting projects that showcase his versatility as an actor and a creative professional.

New Television Series

One of the significant highlights of Alex’s career in 2024 is his involvement in a new television series. This series, a crime drama with a psychological twist, has garnered positive reviews. Alex plays a complex character, significantly different from Steve McGarrett, allowing him to demonstrate his range as an actor. The show has attracted a loyal following, and Alex’s performance is widely praised for its depth and nuance.

Film Projects

Alex has also returned to the big screen with a couple of noteworthy films. One is an action thriller where he plays a retired special forces operative pulled back into action to save his kidnapped daughter. The film combines intense action sequences with emotional moments, offering Alex a platform to showcase both his physical prowess and acting chops. Another project is a dramatic indie film that explores human relationships and personal redemption, further highlighting his ability to tackle diverse roles.

Behind the Scenes

In addition to acting, Alex has taken a keen interest in working behind the camera. He has directed a few episodes of his new TV series, receiving commendation for his vision and storytelling skills. His transition to directing marks a new chapter in his career, showing his growth and desire to expand his horizons in the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

Alex O’Loughlin’s personal life is equally fulfilling. He continues to live in Hawaii, a place he fell in love with during the filming of “Hawaii Five-0.” The island offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, allowing him to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle with his family.

Family Time

Family remains a central part of Alex’s life. He is married to Malia Jones, a model and surfer, and they have two children together. The couple is often seen enjoying outdoor activities, embracing the natural beauty of Hawaii. Alex values his role as a husband and father, and he prioritizes family time, ensuring a balanced life.

Health and Wellness

After years of intense physical roles, Alex has become more mindful of his health. He practices yoga and meditation, which help him maintain mental and physical well-being. Additionally, he follows a balanced diet and engages in regular exercise, including surfing, a hobby he picked up while living in Hawaii.


Alex O’Loughlin is also known for his philanthropic efforts. He supports various causes, including environmental conservation, mental health awareness, and veteran assistance programs. His work with the Hawaii-based charity, “Hawaiian Humane Society,” continues as he advocates for animal rights and welfare. Alex’s commitment to giving back to the community reflects his compassionate nature and desire to make a positive impact.

Social Media Presence

In 2024, Alex maintains a relatively low-key social media presence. He uses platforms like Instagram and Twitter to connect with fans and share snippets of his life. His posts often include behind-the-scenes glimpses of his projects, personal moments with his family, and messages supporting charitable causes. This balanced approach allows him to stay connected with his audience while maintaining his privacy.

Future Endeavors

Looking ahead, Alex O’Loughlin shows no signs of slowing down. His passion for storytelling, both in front of and behind the camera, drives him to seek out new and challenging projects. He has expressed interest in producing and possibly creating his own content, indicating a potential shift towards more creative control over his work.


Alex O’Loughlin’s career is marked by his dedication, talent, and ability to evolve. From his early days in Australian television to becoming a beloved star in “Hawaii Five-0,” and now exploring new roles and directing, he continues to leave a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. His journey is a testament to his resilience and passion for his craft.


In 2024, Alex O’Loughlin continues to thrive both professionally and personally. His involvement in new television and film projects, coupled with his foray into directing, showcases his dynamic range as a creative professional. Balancing his career with a fulfilling personal life, Alex exemplifies the qualities of a dedicated actor and a compassionate individual. Fans can look forward to more exciting ventures from him as he continues to explore new horizons and contribute meaningfully to the world of entertainment.

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